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General information on the SEWCRSG can be found in our Outreach Brochure.
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In keeping with the SEWCRSG mission to enhance public safety communication systems by facilitating regional peer networking of emergency service providers, the committee has previously covered the cost of registration and lodging for two randomly selected safety dispatchers to attend the WI-NENA Annual Conference.

2010 Recipients

• Lance Thomas, Wisconsin State Patrol (Waukesha Post)
• Joseph Laurin, Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office

2011 Recipients

• Amy Chess, Racine County Sheriff's Office
• Todd Whitrock, Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office

2012 Recipients

• Kim Gajewski, Greenfield Police Department
• Timothy Lemke, Milwaukee Police Department

This award will be provided again in 2013. Please check back as additional information will be posted this summer.

past outreach efforts
The SEWCRSG, in partnership with WisDOT’s Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (TIME) Program, has sponsored and staffed numerous informational booths at conferences around the state. The booth provides different agencies and personnel with the opportunity to learn about the SEWCRSG and see the strides the committee is making towards achieving its goals.

homeland security conference
The Invisible Communication Link: Recognizing a Dispatcher's Role in Traffic Incident Management

Connie Catterall and Katie Belmore co-authored this paper, which was presented at the Institute of Transportation Engineers 2006 Annual Meeting in August. The presentation has lead to information sharing requests from both Minnesota and Indiana.