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The SEWCRSG is enhancing public safety communication systems by facilitating regional peer networking of emergency service providers. This is being accomplished through:

• Regular dialogue and information sharing
• Training
• Interoperability advancement
• Coordination with other related state/local initiatives
• Identify methods for communicating if main communication methods have been disabled or are
not functioning properly
• Work towards enhancing interagency connectivity and communication
• Hold a minimum of two training sessions at low or no cost
• Provide an award to 2 telecommunicators for registration and lodging at the annual WI-NENA
Since 1999, the SEWCRSG has met regularly to discuss individual agency needs and the resources that could be shared to help one another. Over the years, a number of challenges emerged that the group successfully addressed. For example, through pooling of resources, the group provided numerous dispatcher training programs at low or no cost to participating agencies. Other more complex issues have and continue to be discussed. These include:

• Homeland security issues
• Communications during traffic incidents and major disasters/WMD
• Emerging wireless 9-1-1 and VOIP issues
• Funding for enhancing communications

Probably the most important question that the group continuously works to address is, “Why can’t we talk when lives are at stake?” This complicated issue of communication interoperability has a direct impact on public safety and is one that can best be addressed through regional cooperative efforts such as the SEWCRSG.